Making members and patients the hero of their own health journey

Our healthcare shopping solution helps millions of nationwide healthcare consumers find, select, and access to the right care

Our intuitive provider and cost discovery tools make it easy to select better, more affordable care. Our market-leading integrated incentive and engagement programs are proven to drive higher levels of activation by rewarding consumer shoppers for making the best decision within their plan design.

Financial certainty creates confident healthcare customers

Our journey-based cost transparency and healthcare navigation solutions help consumers shop, understand, and make informed healthcare decisions through easy-to-use, web and mobile friendly websites. By capturing and organizing rich provider and cost data into a simple, personalized healthcare shopping experience, we empower consumers to make cost-aware healthcare purchasing decisions that benefit the individual, the payer, and the provider all at the same time.

Seamlessly integrated into the member and patient service experience

Whether they are looking to find a doctor, understand treatment options, find a facility, use urgent care, estimate the cost of a procedure, schedule an appointment, access telehealth or access care in the moment, healthcare shoppers experience seamless support with CareSelect. With event tags and master journeys in place throughout the experience, CareSelect helps clients discover and analyze actionable insights about member behavior to optimize engagement interactions for segments of the population. Health Plans and employers partner with Sapphire to continuously improve the experience in line with both customer behaviors and customer satisfaction scores. Client strategic initiatives and partnerships with other point solutions may be integrated.

Customizable SaaS platform that delivers on the outcomes of each plan or system

Our reliable and scalable SaaS platform offers continuous enhancements and an expanding inventory of add-ons (like telehealth and online scheduling) to extend the core capabilities of the CareSelect solution to meet emerging business and customer objectives. Built to deliver at key stages of the customer journey, our solution helps consumers find and access care, incentivizes value-based care selection, as well as predicts and suggests high-value care alignment activities to drive effective plan utilization. For customers who want that human touch and individualized guidance, we can add in our CareSelect Concierge support capabilities.

Flexible member experience delivery options

For those clients looking for a full service solution, our highly configurable, white-labeled SaaS software solution enables our clients to deliver a secure, easy-to-use, branded experience for your unique member population within your digital member experience. And for those plans and hospital systems who prefer to manage their own applications, our CareSelect API catalog provides a collection of high-value data services to power a customized member experience.

Extensible and easy to integrate care shopping

Many of our health plan and employer clients have or are planning to invest in point solutions to support segments of their population in specific care pathways. CareSelect is designed to flexibly integrate these point solutions into the shopping experience—both fully integrated or enabling one-click access and protecting client investments in existing and planned points solutions.

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